Vanusia Nogueira on The World Coffee Producers Forum | Re:co Symposium 2019

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Today, we’re very happy to present the second episode of the “Macroeconomic Dysfunction in the Coffee Trade,” a session recorded at Re:co Symposium this past April. This session convened experts to understand the functions and challenges of the coffee system responsible for the volatile shifts in the coffee market. If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes in this series, we strongly recommend going back to listen before you continue with this episode.

We are pleased to welcome Vanusia Nogueira, Executive Director of the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association, who explains the motivations behind the first World Coffee Producers Forum event, the organization of the Forum’s committee, and what they’ve achieved over the past 18 months of work. She also sets expectations for their next event, happening July 10-11 in Campinas, Brazil, and for the future.

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Table of Contents

0:00 Introduction
2:15 Producers need a fair price to be economically sustainable, which then permits them to be socially and environmentally responsible. However, roasters want their coffee to have a high cup quality, be socially and environmentally sustainable but want to pay the lowest amount they can
10:00 Producers continue investing in technology, education, and quality. But the price is unsustainably low. Even trade shows disadvantage coffee producers because they’re created by consuming countries with agendas driven by consuming countries.
12:45 Producing groups started the World Coffee Producers Forum to fix this imbalance. The Forum’s Committee aims to bring industry actors together as collaborators, find ways to increase coffee consumption and create a neutral study about the economic sustainability of the coffee producing sector.
18:00 The second World Coffee Producers Forum is taking place in July 2019 in Brazil. Coffee producers will be looking for alternatives to offer dignity to everybody who works from seed to cup.
20:00 Outro