Just Released: 2017 Re:co Symposium Videos

Just Released: 2017 Re:co Symposium Videos

LLove Re:co Symposium videos, but already watched every episode ever released?

We’re excited to share 16 new videos, recorded at the 2017 Re:co Symposium in Seattle. See a full roundup below or watch the entire playlist on the Re:co Symposium Youtube channel. 

Pore Over Policy: Coffee in Washington | Bill Murray

Coffee’s Return on Sustainability Investments | Pablo Ramirez

Coffee Quality and Water Activity | Mike Strumpf

Coffee, Refugees, and Community | 1951 Coffee Company

Preserving Crop Diversity: The Case for Coffee | Marie Haga

Coffee Fermentation: A Winemaker’s Perspective | Lucia Solis

Geographical Indications and Improving Livelihoods | Jeffery Neilson

Eyesight: Help or Hindrance? | Hoby Wedler

Yeasts in Coffee | Aimée Dudley

Cryogenics: Facts and Applications | Christopher Hendon

Deconstructing the Third Wave | Jan Anderson and Dan McCloskey

Preventative Controls: FSMA & Coffee | Brian Schaneberg

The State of Coffee | Ric Rhineart

The Economics of Coffee in Mexico | Vera Espindola Rafael

The Coffee Conservation Strategy | Sarada Krishnan

What Motivates Rwandan Farmers | Ruth Ann Church


Re:co is a gathering of the greatest minds and the most influential thinkers in the coffee industry. Through a mixture of speakers, interactive experiences, and opportunities for conversation, Re:co looks at the specialty coffee market, the challenges we face, and some of the solutions we have, while shining a light on opportunities for growth and development.

Videos from 2019’s Re:co Symposium, “Coffee in Crisis: A Call and Response,” are being released weekly as a special feature of the SCA Podcast. Find more Re:co Symposium videos here on SCA News or visit the Re:co Symposium Youtube Channel for more playlists.