Merling Preza on the Role of Cooperatives | Re:co Symposium 2019

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Today, we’re very happy to present the third episode of “Cost of Production and Profitability for Coffee Producers,” a session recorded at Re:co Symposium this past April. Buyers and producers alike need to understand what it takes to produce specialty coffee so that it can be produced sustainably, so we convened experts to ask: Do we really know what specialty coffee costs?

If you haven’t watched the previous episodes in this series, we strongly recommend going back to view before you continue with this episode.

What role do cooperatives play in the resilience of the specialty coffee sector? Merling Preza, who was one of the founders of PRODECOOP in1993 and now serves as its General Manager, reflects on the experience of farmers in Estelí, Nicaragua, and the surrounding areas during the current price crisis, the crisis of the early 2000s, and the years in between.

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Table of Contents (English)

0:00 Introduction
2:15 What is Prodecoop and its vision?
6:15 How does today’s crisis compare to the one Prodecoop survived in 2001?
11:00 What is the value buying from a cooperative?
14:15 What do coffee producers need in this moment?
16:45 How talking about this issue continuously in public forums impacts Merling personally
19:45 Outro

Table of Contents (Spanish)

0:00 Introducción
2:30 Qué es Prodecoop y su visión.
6:30 ¿Cómo se compara la crisis de hoy con la que sobrevivió Prodecoop en 2001?
11:15 ¿Qué valor trae comprar de una cooperativa?
15:00 ¿Qué necesitan los productores de café en este momento?
18:00 ¿De qué manera el hecho de hablar sobre este tema en público tiene un impacto personal sobre Merling?
20:45 Outro