Phyllis Johnson and Keba Konte on Letting Go of Sameness | Re:co Symposium 2019

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Today, we’re very happy to present the first episode of “Growing Consumption: Letting Go of Sameness,” a session recorded at Re:co Symposium this past April. We’ve grown accustomed to specialty coffee consumption growing at a fast pace, but some signs indicate it may be slowing. This session convened experts to ask: What could we stand to gain if we became more diverse in our approaches and offerings? 

Session Host Phyllis Johnson begins with a study by the National Coffee Association indicating that specialty coffee consumption is slowing among our current target market before bringing Red Bay Coffee’s Keba Konte to the stage. Together, they discuss how to ensure specialty coffee is a vehicle for diversity, inclusion, economic restoration, entrepreneurship, and environmental sustainability. 

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Table of Contents

0:00 Introduction
2:15 Introduction to the Re:co series of talks about thinking differently and that gourmet coffee consumption is growing amongst American minorities, but declining amongst caucasian Americans
9:00 An introduction to Keba Konta and Red Bay Coffee and his experiencing having a multicultural leadership
32:45 Outro