Michelle Johnson on An Exploration of a Sustainable Value Chain | Re:co Symposium 2019

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Today, we’re very happy to present the second episode of “Value Chains: Transparency and Market Linkages,” a session recorded at Re:co Symposium this past April. Acknowledging that this isn’t the first coffee price crisis, this session brought leaders together to ask: How successful were the tools we employed previously? What other new tools offer potential solutions?

If you haven’t seen the previous episode in this series, we strongly recommend going back to watch before you continue to this episode.

Through the story of McDonald’s’ dedication to achieving full sustainability in their business’ coffee value chain, Michelle Johnson challenges and explores our ideas of what sustainability in coffee means—and who is truly setting the bar for creating a future for the industry.

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Table of Contents

2:15 The specialty coffee industry has an us-vs-them mentality with commodity coffee and a humanitarian angle in our marketing
5:15 The story of McCafe and its journey with its sustainability initiative, Sustainability Improvement Platform
11:50 Specialty coffee should applaud what McDonald’s is doing, and there is space for collaboration between the two
14:30 Outro