Hanna Neuschwander on Unlocking Coffee’s Flavor Code | Re:co 2019

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This session explored and evaluated advances in innovation positioned to make an impact within our industry as we work to resolve the coffee price crisis.

How does a living thing get to be the way it is? How does a coffee come to taste the way it tastes? How does the plant’s blueprint for what’s possible—its genetics—interact with complex and changing environments to produce flavor in the cup? In today’s episode, Hanna Neuschwander, Director of Communications at World Coffee Research, describes a major global trial underway designed to help us understand how coffee genetics interact with the environment, and a new study that will let us see how these things impact coffee flavor and chemistry.

You’ll also hear an exciting announcement by SCA’s Chief Research Officer, Peter Guiliano, which ties into the big question this episode explores: How can we harness scientific understanding to “make coffee better” and open up new avenues for farmer profitability?

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Table of Contents

0:00 Introduction

Peter Giuliano Introduces the Coffee Science Foundation

3:00 The story of how scientific research in mushrooms and communication with the mushroom industry led to increased demand for mushrooms
9:00 Why the specialty coffee industry needs the Coffee Science Foundation
12:00 How the Coffee Science Foundation will function and what it needs from the specialty coffee industry

Hannah Neuschwander on Coffee Flavor

15:45 An explanation of Genetics-by-Environment Interaction (GEI): How the genetic potential of a coffee bean is expressed in its environment and why it matters
21:30 How does GEI interaction affect cup quality?
26:50 Explaining the global GEI trial to get this data
31:30 How the trial will measure flavor differences by measuring volatile organic compounds and by using WCR’s sensory lexicon
34:15 How this trial and the academic research will be coordinated across the world
39:00 Outro