Michelle Johnson | Building Diverse and Inclusive Communities | Re:co Seattle 2018 – Session 3, Ep. 2

This is episode two of the Changing Tides session, recorded at Re:co Symposium this past April. The main focus of this session was to have those often difficult conversations around diversity and inclusivity in our coffee communities. #BlackLivesMatter #MeToo #TimesUp … these pivotal social movements have shifted the calls for change to the forefront, pushing the pendulum towards a more equitable world. This session centers on emerging dialog within the context of the coffee industry, highlighting initiatives and resources to help us build resilient communities and businesses for the future. As a part of the Changing Tides session, we were pleased to welcome Michelle Johnson, Writer and Social Media Influencer well-known for her blog, The Chocolate Barista. At Re:co in April 2018, Michelle took the stage to talk about Barista Hustle’s online community.

Special Thanks to Toddy

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