Anukampa Freedom Gupta-Fonner | The Evolution of Innovation | Re:co Symposium 2018

This is the second episode of “Evolution of Innovation: How New Ideas Will Shape Specialty Coffee,” a session recorded at Re:co Symposium this past April. This session offered a glimpse of new ideas in coffee from some leading thinkers in specialty coffee and a discussion of how they are likely to shape the future of our industry. If you haven’t watched the preceding video, we strongly recommend going back to listen to it before you continue with this episode.

We were delighted to welcome Anukampa Freedom Gupta-Fonner, Chief Imagineer and CEO of Design by Freedom, an invention company on a mission to move the United States to zero waste, starting with coffee. At Re:co Symposium in April, Anukampa implores us to imagine a zero waste future and use it to promote the redesign of single-use products used by the specialty coffee industry.

Special Thanks to Toddy

This talk from Re:co Seattle is supported by Toddy. For over 50 years, Toddy brand cold brew systems have delighted baristas, food critics, and regular folks alike. By extracting all the natural and delicious flavors of coffee and tea, Toddy Cold Brew Systems turn your favorite coffee beans and tea leaves into fresh cold brew concentrates, that are ready to serve and enjoy. Learn more about Toddy at

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