#21: Re:co Podcast – Ric Rhinehart on the Future for Specialty Coffee

This episode from Re:co Seattle in April 2018 features SCA Executive Director Ric Rhinehart. We have a little tradition at Re:co, when Ric gives an annual talk on the State of Specialty Coffee. We’ve given that talk a number of names over the years, like ‘Ric’s Fireside Chat’ and ‘Ric’s Doom And Gloom Warning’, but it’s become one of the most anticipated and valuable parts of our conference.

Ric always brings together a variety of indicators— economic data, industry insights, and years worth of experience and firsthand knowledge– and weaves it together in a powerful narrative on the risks threatening our industry and possible solutions to them. This year is no different. Ric’s talk is an amazing economics lesson and call to action for our industry.

Special Thanks to Toddy

This talk from Re:co Seattle is supported by Toddy. For over 50 years, Toddy brand cold brew systems have delighted baristas, food critics, and regular folks alike. By extracting all the natural and delicious flavors of coffee and tea, Toddy Cold Brew Systems turn your favorite coffee beans and tea leaves into fresh cold brew concentrates, that are ready to serve and enjoy. Learn more about Toddy at https://www.toddycafe.com/


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