#20: Re:co Podcast – The State and Future of the Coffee Economy

Welcome to the very first Re:co podcast, a new series where we’ll be sharing talks and discussions from Re:co Symposium, SCA’s premier event dedicated to amplifying the voices of those who are driving specialty coffee forward. We’ll also be having special interviews with the speakers themselves, learning more about their perspectives and innovations.

In this first episode of the Re:co Podcast, David Griswold moderates a panel with Lindsey Bolger, Phyllis Johnson, Teddy Esteve, Christine Condo Umuhoza, and Kent Bakke.

This year marked the tenth anniversary of Re:co in the United States and to observe our anniversary, we decided to do some reflecting on where we’ve come in the past decade. As you’ll discover in this discussion, we went through every session and every talk of the past decade to identify all of the topics we’d covered. We began by taking the broadest look we could, discussing the state of the specialty coffee industry with a panel of distinguished leaders.

To help us with this, we turned to the person who opened our first two Symposiums a decade ago: the talented interviewer and thinker David Griswold. Besides being a coffee visionary in his own right, David is great at drawing out the opinions and intelligence of other coffee thought leaders. We worked with David to identify a distinguished panel, representing a diverse group of those who could give us real insights into the biggest issues facing us in specialty coffee.

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