Community-Contributed COVID-19 Resource Database Now Available

Community-Contributed COVID-19 Resource Database Now Available

Coffee communities around the world have been greatly impacted by closures to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19, and we are watching with great concern as it begins to reach coffee-growing communities. In each case, the precarious position of laborers, from baristas to pickers and packers, has never been more apparent.

This is an unprecedented situation for all of us, but we are heartened by the way communities are coming together to support each other and to make their voices heard. Over the coming weeks, the SCA will work to aggregate and amplify these community responses to the ongoing crisis.

To begin, we’ve put together a living database to collect some of the many resources being shared by our community across social media and from business to business as we look for answers on how to manage the rapidly evolving situation. Our hope is that this database will act as a searchable, filterable list of locally-offered programs and resources that may be of assistance to others in a volatile moment for our communities—a visible, living reminder that we’re all in this together.

If you would like to submit a resource (or more!), please click here. We’re looking for anything and everything that might help someone else anywhere along the coffee value chain, including community support initiatives, government economic support measures, experience/insight sharing, and online knowledge-sharing events. Insightful news pieces and health and safety advice are also welcome!

Submissions will be automatically added to the database and will only be periodically reviewed for duplication and/or clear misrepresentation.

To view the full database of community-contributed COVID-19 resources, visit