Brazil to Host the Second Edition of the World Coffee Producers Forum

Brazil to Host the Second Edition of the World Coffee Producers Forum

CCoffee producing and exporting countries will meet in Campinas, Brazil to discuss improvements and economic sustainability for producers.

Brazil will host the second edition of the World Coffee Producers Forum (WCPF) July 10-11, 2019, at the Royal Palm Plaza Resort in Campinas, São Paulo. First held in Medellín, Colombia in July 2017, the WCPF facilitates discussion around an agenda prepared by coffee producers with the goal of achieving a more sustainable path for the global coffee industry.

This year’s event will focus on the challenges faced by the estimated 25 million families cultivating coffee: economic stability of farmers; field productivity levels; price volatility in international markets; increasing demand; and climatic adversity. As a part of this year’s program, Professor Jeffery D. Sachs will present the results of a study commissioned by WCPF at their inaugural event, Economic and Policy Analysis for Improving Smallholder Coffee Producers’ Incomes, produced in partnership with the Colombia Center on Sustainable Development.

The 2019 WCPF in Campinas invites the entire coffee production chain to the event with the purpose of acting jointly and co-responsibly to continue the efforts and consider the actions necessary to solve scenarios that compromise the future supply of coffee first set out in Medellín, Colombia. In the coming weeks, WCPF will open registration, outline program details (including speakers and panelists), and announce support and sponsorship opportunities at

The WORLD COFFEE PRODUCERS FORUM is a global initiative by coffee farmers that groups coffee producers’ associations representing more than 80 percent of global coffee production and farmers from more than 40 countries, as well as industry representatives from America, Asia, and Europe.