German Coffee Association Announces International Coffee Congress on Sustainability

German Coffee Association Announces International Coffee Congress on Sustainability

TThe German Coffee Association invites you to an Industry exchange on sustainability, directly preceding the SCA's World of Coffee event on June 5.  

Through this event, the association provides its members, as well as companies and organizations from all over the world, with a platform to inform themselves about the current and future challenges, processes, and projects in the sustainability sector.

Twenty expert international speakers will give insights into this important and omnipresent topic as they seek to answer some of the following questions:

  • What are the current and long-term effects of the current coffee price crisis for farmers, traders, and roasters?
  • How committed are the coffee companies and NGOs involved in promoting sustainability in the coffee sector?
  • Do consumers trust sustainability organizations and labels?
  • Can sustainability be used as a marketing tool?
  • Are multiple individual sustainability projects useful, or is central coordination more effective? Who bears the responsibility?


Attendees will also be made privy to the most recent data collected – exclusively for this event – in a multinational survey exploring the impact of corporate social responsibility on the image of coffee brands. Some of the other topics to be discussed include blockchains and certifications, ways to optimize value creation at source, and the importance of water.

In addition, an exhibition will allow participants to broaden their knowledge in the field of sustainability. The congress will foster networking among players in the coffee supply chain to improve cooperation across the coffee industry and its related business relationships.

Members of the German Coffee Association and the SCA are eligible for half-price tickets to the event using a discount code. To obtain the code, email

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the event website here.