Good Genes – 25 Magazine: Summer 2017

Many of the world’s coffee genebanks are underfunded and under threat, yet the future of coffee depends on protecting these precious genetic resources. So what would a better global conservation system look like in the future and how can the industry support it? In a humid tropical forest that shrouds a sacred mountain on the …

Adopters v Supers – 25 Magazine: Summer 2017

We know we know coffee, and we think we know our customers, but for the past several years, the Specialty Coffee Association has been determined to parse the complicated relationship that consumers have with the specialty coffee industry. These continuing efforts aim not only to better understand our current share of the market, but also …

Bambi Semroc: Will Climate Change and Increased Coffee Demand Lead to New Deforestation?

As climate change progresses, coffee growing has the potential to encroach into critical forest lands. Bambi Semroc, Senior Strategic Advisor for Conservation International’s Center for Environmental Leadership in Business, presents the findings of a new study at #RecoAtlanta exploring this potential shift in production.