Sara Morrocchi | Preserving the Coffee Supply Chain Amid Big Money Investment

Big investors coming into specialty coffee has many potential upsides, but it can also include changing payment structures, which can lead to increased price exposure for importers and growers. Sara Morrocchi, an expert in supply chain strategies and development work, explains the dimensions of the problem at #RecoDublin.

Ben Bicknell | Tiga Raja: Dreams & Serendipity, Disaster & Opportunity

Vertical integration is an attractive dream with many potential benefits to quality and social impact, but also greater exposure to risk. Ben Bicknell, Strategic Projects Manager at Five Senses Coffee, gives the #RecoDublin audience an inside look at how those dreams can both falter and flourish when a roaster finds themselves in the position of …

Nick Tolley: Balancing Specialty Needs With Big Money Investment

Specialty coffee is often seen as inherently unscalable, while big money investment is focused on scale above all. At Re:co Dublin, Nick Tolley, co-founder of Taylor St. Baristas, and Harris+Hoole in partnership with Tesco, looks at how much truth there is in this opposition, and how to grow a specialty coffee culture in a scalable …

Talor Browne: Twice As Good For Half As Much – Gender Equality In The Workplace

“Gender discrimination and sexism is an uncomfortable topic”… “it’s up to all of us, men and women, to band together and make positive change” — extracts from an important #RecoDublin talk by Talor Browne, a 14 year veteran of the global specialty coffee industry and co-founder of the new Oslo roastery Talor&Jørgen.