Connecting Our Community – 25 Magazine, Issue 9

Connecting Our Community – 25 Magazine, Issue 9

TTwo years ago in Budapest, we released our first-ever 25 Magazine. It’s exciting to begin our third year of insights, stories, and research with the release of Issue 09!

In April, we gathered in Boston to celebrate all our community has to offer; now, entering June, we look forward to reconnecting again in Berlin. As our global community grows, so too does our events calendar: coming together reminds us how important it is to stay connected to one another as we face the challenges to coffee’s future.

Our industry is incredibly vulnerable to climate change, with increasingly volatile weather patterns creating increased economic instability for coffee farmers. Join LEAD Scholar Stephanie Alcala as she investigates the genetic diversity of Panamanian Geisha, seeking to understand how we might be able to create more climate-resistant crops in future.

In Insight, Noa Berger sheds light on how specialty coffee navigates contradictory identities of “global” and “local” in places with an established coffee culture while trying to reach a greater audience.

But it’s not all serious: this issue also gives us a glimpse of some of the most interesting trends seen in branding and packaging at this year’s Design Lab, explores Kigali with new eyes, explains complex water science with an insightful – and humorous! – metaphor, and traces the impact the past 20 years of our industry’s biggest competitive event has had on our community.

As always, if you have a story to tell, we’d love to hear from you! We invite you to submit your ideas to our Editorial Team at for consideration.

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