Meet the 2020 SCA Lithuania Chapter Committee

Meet the 2020 SCA Lithuania Chapter Committee

SCA members in Lithuania have cast their ballots in the 2020 elections to select their new leadership. Today, we are delighted to welcome the SCA Lithuania Chapter’s new committee:

  • National Coordinator: Nidas Kiuberis
  • Membership/Community Coordinator: Viktorija Martinkiene
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinator: Diana Augunaite
  • Events Coordinator: Laurynas Arlauskas
  • Education Coordinator: Akvile Armonaite


We send a special thank you to all nominees who ran in this election and thanks to SCA members for their commitment to the SCA Lithuania Chapter. We urge the community to please continue to support the committee in their two-year term. To connect with your new leadership, please get in touch via email at

We wish the new committee every success with the continued development of the local coffee community. As a reminder, you can learn more about the roles and responsibilities of each position on our website.

National Coordinator
Nidas Kiuberis 57%
Rusne Stankeviciute 21%
Domas Balandis 21%
Membership/Community Coordinator
Viktorija Martinkiene 71%
Goda Gedvilaite 21%
Please select a candidate 7%
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Diana Augunaite 100%
Events Coordinator
Laurynas Arlauskas 86%
Neringa Dapkevičienė 14%
Education Coordinator
Akvile Armonaite 86%
Please select a candidate 14%

Meet the 2020 SCA Lithuania Chapter Committee

Nidas Kiuberis

National Coordinator

Nidas started his career in coffee in 2007 by co-founding Caffeine, the biggest coffee chain in the Baltics. Since 2015 he is actively involved in the development of the SCA Lithuania community and coffee events, which led him to co-found Vilnius Coffee Festival, the leading coffee event in the region. Nidas is an experienced coffee industry professional with strong leadership and networking skills. He has established deep and longterm relationships within the Lithuanian coffee community and beyond. 

Viktorija Martinkiene

Membership/Community Coordinator

No bio available.

Diana Augūnaitė

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

I am an experienced specialist in international communication, marketing, and project management, with the know-how of public relations and mass media, with a strong analytical and strategic background. I love being a part of unique events and projects, and no doubt, the most significant coffee festival in the Baltics – Vilnius Coffee Festival – is one of them!

Laurynas Arlauskas

Events Coordinator

National Lithuania Barista champion 2016 and 2017, placed 22nd and 27th in WBC. 2018 National Barista Championship technical judge. 2019 and 2020 National coffee competitions organizer.

Akvile Armonaite

Education Coordinator

2013 was the year when I started working with coffee, and now I still have a massive passion for everything that involves coffee. I have attended Barista camps, World of Coffee events, national championships, and I am eager to learn. I have been working with the Vilnius Coffee festival for four years, and three years in a row, I have coordinated the education space. I am happy to have an opportunity to spread the word about coffee and help to increase the knowledge of coffee in Lithuania. Coffee is about sharing, and it is about people – we have to share our knowledge to improve!


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