Meet the 2020 SCA Romania Chapter Committee

Meet the 2020 SCA Romania Chapter Committee

Updated February 14, 2020

Thanks to SCA members in Romania who wrote to us after the results of the elections were released to request that we publish information about the percentage of votes received by each nominee. We were delighted to see that out of a total of 100 members in Romania, 95 members voted in this election. This may be the highest turnout we have ever seen for a chapter election. Congratulations to all members for this great turnout and thank you for taking part in this important process.

Here is the breakdown of the votes:

National Coordinator
Silvia Constantin 54%
Delia Avram 41%
Luka Zivkovic 5%
Membership/Community Coordinator
Adrian Bularca 54%
Stefan Dinescu-Craciun 46%
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
Vlad Stefanescu 51%
Teodora Pitis 49%
Events Coordinator
Andrei Ianosi 51%
Crina Ciocian 49%
Education Coordinator
Cosmin Mihailov 52%
Bianca Ganea 48%
Judges Coordinator
Jonas Denes 51%
Vlad Buda 49%

SCA members in Romania cast their ballots in the 2020 elections to select their new leadership. Today, we are delighted to welcome the SCA Romania Chapter’s new committee:

  • National Coordinator: Silvia Constantin
  • Marketing Coordinator: Vlad Stefanescu
  • Community Coordinator: Adrian Bularca
  • Events Coordinator: Andrei Ianosi
  • Education Coordinator: Cosmin Mihailov
  • Judges Coordinator: Jónás Dénes


Special thanks to all nominees who put their name forward in this election and thanks to SCA members for their commitment to the SCA Romania Chapter. We urge the community to please continue to support the committee in their upcoming two-year term. To connect with the new leadership of the chapter, email them directly at

We wish the new committee every success with the continued development of the local coffee community. As a reminder, you can learn more about the roles and responsibilities of each position on our website

Meet the 2020-2022 SCA Romania Chapter Committee

Silvia Constantin

National Coordinator

100 words are not enough 🙂 Why did I choose to run again? Because I want to continue my work on this chapter I have put so much energy, time, and money into, to help build a community, to change the market, and to have topics to discuss. There is so much more work left to do and I hope to have your trust and your vote again. If baristas from around the world trust me and have voted for me to join the board of the Barista Guild, I hope I will have the same trust from you. Thank you in advance!

Adrian Bularca

Membership/Community Coordinator

Adrian discovered the world of coffee while living and working in Dubai, at Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters. During the time spent at the roastery, he got interested in education and training and become AST for Brewing and Barista in 2018. In fall 2018, Adrian returned to Romania and started working as a freelance AST. Most of his work is in the Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, and Lebanon) but also in Brasov, Romania. At the moment, Adrian is opening his coffee shop, Habitat Concept Room, in Brasov, where he wants to bring his expertise and help to build a coffee community.

Vlad Stefanescu

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Experienced and Certified Trainer with a demonstrated history of working in the coffee and HoReCa Industry— four years as a barista, six years as a professional bartender, and ten years as a coffee trainer and brand ambassador for commercial coffee brands such as Lavazza, Julius Meinl, and currently ProCaffe-Bristot. Strong sales professional with a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA), skilled in negotiation, food & beverage, business planning, coaching, sales, and communication. In the process of opening a Coffee Academy in Bucharest Romania by the end of February 2020. Looking forward to helping and supporting the growth of the specialty coffee community in Romania.

Andrei Ianosi

Events Coordinator

I started working in the specialty coffee industry 4 years ago when I opened with my former partner YoYo Cafe in Timisoara. It was something new for Timisoara and it took 2 years for me to get my clients to really appreciate the specialty coffee. Where do I want to go with this: They lack the information, the knowledge about the specialty coffee. In this sense, I decided to apply as Event coordinator because it is the best way to promote specialty coffee. I want competitions organized according to a clear regulation previously established and with many more volunteers.

Cosmin Mihailov

Education Coordinator

With 12 years of specialty coffee experience, ranging from barista to competitor, to judge and roaster, I feel that I am able to use all of the information and direction from all of the wonderful people I have met over the past years to build upon the current Education system of the national chapter. My focus will be building a series of events focused on international coffee professionals, having a more progressive outlook on the industry, consolidating competitors’ knowledge of the competition rules with workshops held by past National competitors, and building a more unified and supportive environment.

Jonas Denes

Judges Coordinator

I have worked in the coffee industry since 2010 as a barista, becoming an Authorized SCA Trainer for Barista Skills, Brewing Skills and Sensory Skills in 2016. I have participated in the World Competition Educational Program (Bucharest 3-4 May 2016), a member of the Technical Judge team for the National Barista Competitions organized in 2016, 2017 and 2018 by the Romanian Chapter of SCA, volunteer for various professional events.


SCA chapter volunteers embody the values of specialty coffee by working to deliver education, events, and research to their regional communities. The Chapter personifies the vision and mission of the SCA in all activities. SCA chapter elections enable SCA members to vote and select the volunteer committee who will be leading their local chapter’s activities for the next two years. Learn more about SCA Chapters here.