The SCA Publishes Updated Coffee Map of Europe

The SCA Publishes Updated Coffee Map of Europe

The landscape of coffee is continuously evolving and changing, with factors varying by country, region, and even continent.

The SCA has recently published data in the form of infographics on national café and coffee shop market sizes in Europe. Coffee data for other regions of the world will be coming soon!

In this article, cafés are establishments selling coffee, food, and a variety of other beverages. “Coffee Focused Shops” are establishments focused on coffee, with pastries and some food.

A striking trend shows that coffee focused shops are experiencing significant growth while cafés are declining. Below are some of the key findings and you can find the full graphic for free here.

Important takeaways about the coffee market of Europe:

The totals for 2018 include countries from Western, Central, and Eastern Europe


  • Total retail sales for cafés in 2018 was €47.2 billion
  • Number of cafes: 343,815 throughout Europe, 98% of which are independent*
  • Since 2010, the retail sales at cafés has declined by 12% and the total number of cafés has declined by 8%


Coffee Focused Shops:

  • Total retail sales in coffee focused shops was €6.9 billion
  • Number of coffee focused shops: 20,591 throughout Europe, 75% of which are chain*
  • Since 2010, the retail sales at coffee focused shops has increased 140% and the total number of coffee focused shops has increased by 74%


How do national café and coffee shop market sizes compare?

  • Italy has the most cafés at 57,209 which has declined slightly from 58,153 in 2017
  • The UK continues to have the most coffee focused shops at 5,661 and café retail sales of €4.1 billion
  • Spain has the highest café retail sales at €9,931 which has declined slightly from €10,263 in 2017
  • The overall value is driven by Spain, Italy and Greece with the highest share of retail sales among cafes in Western Europe (21%, 15%, and 13%, respectively)
  • Almost all countries’ number of cafés has declined since 2010 except for Sweden, Denmark, Portugal, Turkey, and Ireland
  • Belgium’s number of cafes has declined the most, down 43%.



This data set and graphics give us a glimpse into one of the most interesting and diverse coffee scenes in the globe. It’s a big part of the puzzle of the global coffee market, and we’re committed to continuing our research, developing our understanding of this fascinating coffee marketplace.

European coffee data was primarily gathered from Euromonitor International, and reviewed by subject matter experts in Europe. We focused on two segments: cafés and coffee focused shops. You can find more information about how Euromonitor defined these segments here.

*Independent: café or coffee focused shop with less than 10 locations.
**Chain: café of coffee-focused shop with 10 or more locations.