Webinar Exploring Economics of the Coffee Supply Chain Research

On December 19 at 9am PST/5pm GMT the Specialty Coffee Association hosted a webinar exploring the latest SCA Research the updated Economics of the Coffee Supply Chain: An Illustrative Outlook. Watch it here.

The coffee chain is complex, so it can be hard to pin-point all of the different factors influencing the final price of a cup of coffee.

Starting eight years ago, SCA Research began compiling data from roasters, retailers, and importers, with the idea of painting a  broad picture to help anyone seeking to understand the economics of coffee. This year, we added our Roaster and Retailer Benchmarking Study and the SCA/Square Coffee Price Report to the data inputs. This data was then aggregated to create an illustration of a typical coffee supply chain.

It’s important to keep in mind that these figures are an illustration, rather than prescriptive figures, and don’t represent one specific set of data or case study. Instead, this illustration reveals a broad representation of the specialty coffee value stream based on real data.

Want to see the costs of your own supply chain? You can calculate that with this template: Economics of Supply Chain Template.

SCA Research Webinar | Exploring the Economics of the Supply Chain: An Illustrative Outlook

December 19, 2019
9am PST / 5pm GMT
Watch it here.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • Ways these figures can serve as a jumping off point for a number of discussions around the specialty coffee value stream
  • How value is distributed and how various costs enter into the economic picture of coffee
  • How this information is valuable for different players in the supply chain

Tim Chapdelaine, Managing Director, Trabocca Americas
Heather Perry, Board of Directors President, Specialty Coffee Association
Peter Giuliano, Chief Research Officer & Executive Director Coffee Science Foundation
Heather Ward, Content Strategy Director, Specialty Coffee Association

Find more information about the updated Economics of the Coffee Supply Chain: An Illustrative Outlook here.