SCA Sustainability Webinar | Guilds and the Price Crisis: What’s Our Role?

Updated November 22: Thanks to all who joined us on November 22 for this webinar, part of our series on the coffee price crisis.

On Friday, November 22, 2019, the Specialty Coffee Association hosted an SCA Sustainability webinar on the coffee price crisis and the role of baristas, roasters, and technicians from the perspective of the SCA’s three guilds: the Barista Guild, the Coffee Roasters Guild, and the Coffee Technicians Guild.

As with any crisis, long-term solutions to coffee price volatility and farm profitability will require cooperation from actors across our industry. On this special webinar, SCA CEO Yannis Apostolopoulos speaks with Barista Guild Chair Stuart Ritson, Coffee Roasters Guild Chair Sonja Björk Grant, and Coffee Technicians Guild Chair Hylan Joseph about what the coffee price crisis means to the members of their guilds. In their discussion, the panel explored how the guilds are impacted and what they can do or are doing to get involved.

SCA Sustainability Webinar | Guilds and the Price Crisis: What’s Our Role?
November 22, 2019
8am PST / 4pm GMT
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What is the SCA doing about the coffee price crisis?

The SCA’s Price Crisis Response initiative, led by a team of staff and volunteers of the SCA’s Sustainability Center, is aimed at researching the crisis and providing recommendations for the specialty coffee industry. Over the past few months, the SCA has hosted a series of webinars and events to amplify the work being done in this field by individuals in the private sector, academia, producing countries, and others in the coffee community. To learn more about the initiative and to find links to articles, webinars, and additional resources on the topic, visit

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