Coffee Price Crisis Webinar | Smallholders vs. Shareholders: Investigating the Priorities of Specialty Coffee

Updated September 6: Thanks to all who joined us on September 5 for this webinar, part of our series on the coffee price crisis, with Vera Espindola Rafael and Peter Kettler.

SCA’s Vicente Partida spoke to Vera and Peter about issues related to farmer incomes, the work of Fairtrade, and research conducted being conducted on costs of production. Vera and Peter shared their experiences and discussed transparency and the limitations of programs implemented to date, and answered questions from attendees.

Coffee Price Crisis Webinar | Smallholders vs. Shareholders: Investigating the Priorities of Specialty Coffee
September 5, 2019
9am PDT / 5pm BST
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About Vera Espindola Rafael

In 2016, Vera started to work with the Mexican Secretary of Agriculture in the Plan for the Care of Coffee. She has focused on harmonizing the elements of sustainable coffee production in the national coffee program, the goal of which was to revive the Mexican coffee sector by increasing productivity in a sustainable manner, and where she also oversaw market strategy. During this time, she formed part of the Mexican delegation for the International Coffee Organization and the Mesoamerican coffee program PROMECAFE. Currently, as a consultant for different sector actors as well as government, she continues to focus on creating strategies to improve the resilience of coffee farmers. Since December 2018, she is part of the Board of Directors of the SCA and currently is also Board member of the newly formed Coffee Science Foundation.

About Petter Ketler

Peter Kettler brings over 25 years specialty coffee experience, across manufacturing, retail, trading and finance, with Stone Creek, Holland Coffee, Taylor Maid Farms, Coffee Kids, Wolthers Douque, and Trilliant Foods. In 2004, he also founded Radio Lifeline, a service to help remote farmers at origin improve farming methods. In 2019, Peter joined Fairtrade International, as Senior Manager, Coffee.

What is the SCA doing about the coffee price crisis?

The SCA’s Price Crisis Response initiative, led by a team of staff and volunteers of the SCA’s Sustainability Center, is aimed at researching the crisis and providing recommendations for the specialty coffee industry. Over the past few months, the SCA has hosted a series of webinars and events to amplify the work being done in this field by individuals in the private sector, academia, producing countries, and others in the coffee community. To learn more about the initiative and to find links to articles, webinars, and additional resources on the topic, visit

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