Everything You Need to Know About Coffee Freshness

Everything You Need to Know About Coffee Freshness

The Coffee Freshness Handbook can be found in the SCA online store (as well as a digital copy) and you can read more about it in Issue 4 of 25 Magazine.

Coffee freshness is one of the core values of high-quality specialty coffee. But why is preserving freshness so important? Keeping coffee fresh ensures quality and consistency, maximizing its potential.

Coffee is a highly elusive product – as soon as it is roasted, it already starts to evolve, change and lose its freshness. Research on coffee freshness focuses on two fields related to changes that occur during storage: the chemical changes to coffee aroma and physical changes related to degassing. Both can be linked to loss of freshness.

The Coffee Excellence Center at Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), in collaboration with the SCA, is conducting pioneering research on identifying physical changes that can be used to quantify freshness. This research can be found in the Coffee Freshness handbook, aimed at providing a practical resource for the specialty coffee community while contributing to the body of scientific evidence about the freshness of roasted coffee.

Chahan Yeretzian, Professor for Analytical Chemistry and Head of Coffee Excellence Center at ZHAW, will be presenting “The Science of Coffee Freshness” at The Sensory Summit January 24-26 at UC Davis in California. You can learn more about the event here.

The Coffee Freshness Handbook also covers a set of complementary experimental studies on sensory perception of freshness and subsequent staling in roasted coffee over time. This illuminating member-driven experiment conducted by the Roasters Guild reveals interesting data about the sensory impacts of packaging and aging coffee.

You can find the Coffee Freshness Handbook here (there’s also a digital copy) and read more about it in Issue 4 of 25 Magazine.