Introducing the 2018 Australian Square Coffee Report

Introducing the 2018 Australian Square Coffee Report

The latest reports from the SCA Research Center and Square dig into trends disrupting Australia’s $8 billion coffee industry!

Beginning just before National Coffee Day on September 29th for many countries around the world — and International Coffee Day on October 1st — the SCA Research Center partnered with Square to release the 2018 Coffee Reports.

Working with our friends at Square, we dug into coffee retail data to find interesting insights and trends in coffee consumption for the 2018 Square Coffee Report. The first reports released unveiled surprising data and trends in the U.S., Canada, and the UK.

Now we’re happy to present the 2018 Australian Square Coffee Report

Retail data shows that demand and cost of coffee drinks vary greatly by state. Similar to the previous reports, the latte remains a best-selling drink across the country, though it’s not without competition. And when it comes to paying for their drinks, Australian consumers increasingly prefer cards to cash.

Please find the complete 2018 Square Australia Coffee Report here.