Destination Berlin!

Destination Berlin!

BBWT water+more returns as the event host sponsor of the 2019 World of Coffee in Berlin

Berlin will host next year’s World of Coffee from 6-8 June 2019, where the world’s top coffee artists will come together in the exhibition halls of Germany’s capital to award distinction to their World Champions. Water optimization specialist BWT water+more – a long-standing event host sponsor of the World of Coffee – has already signed on to the 2019 event. “We are thrilled that this high-profile festival for speciality coffees will be held in Germany next year for the first time ever,” commented Dr. Frank Neuhausen, Managing Director of BWT water+more Deutschland GmbH.

Welcome to Berlin

“As event host sponsor, we at BWT water +more will be pleased to welcome the world of coffee to Berlin, and look forward to a stirring event, stimulating contests, and one of the most vibrant gatherings happening in the global coffee community.”

Connected With the Barista Community

As a water filter expert for coffee brewing and the entire HoReCa (food service/catering) industry, the company has partnered and cooperated for some ten years with the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA), organizers of World of Coffee annually since 2011. As event host sponsor, the company has also worked for many years with others to organize this high-profile speciality coffee event.

Key Knowledge Transfer

Networking with coffee artists from all over the world has been part of the BWT water+more corporate philosophy from the very beginning. The water optimization firm consults with the people on the ground – the baristas working hard every day on the front line in cafés and coffee shops to deliver outstanding coffee enjoyment – to find out what the real key factors are in coffee-making. “This transfer of key knowledge enables us to develop advanced technologies to protect coffee machines while optimizing water with sensor technology for a long and trouble-free machine life with consistent high-quality coffee flavor. It’s the same concept at any location: ideal water for coffee can be produced all over the world, regardless of the qualities of the local tap water,” said the Managing Director of BWT water+more.

Long-Term Support

The company supports the “coffee cosmos” with expert knowledge of what makes for ideal water for coffee extraction, providing optimization solutions while active in a multitude of promotions like the World of Coffee sponsorship.

“We are very close to the SCA and the barista scene, and are keen to give back to the speciality coffee community by providing advanced water optimization systems that make ideal coffee water every day, and through activities like our World of Coffee sponsorship,” said Dr. Neuhausen. “Because of the SCA, this event has grown year after year, and is becoming increasingly established as THE forum for gatherings of the international speciality coffee community.”

Strong Partner for SCA and Baristas

BWT water+more has become a capable partner of the Speciality Coffee Association and the international barista community. Dr. Neuhausen: “This is a real win-win situation that has been going on for years!”

BWT water+more is already synonymous with perfect coffee water for many coffee aficionados, who swear by the water optimization systems provided by the filter specialist, which protect machines against limescale and corrosion while optimizing the water through sensor technology to make it ideal for coffee-making.