Congratulations Team Steam!

Congratulations Team Steam!

Congratulations to Team Steam, winner of the 2018 World Barista Championship Team Competition! The Team Competition, introduced in 2016 in recognition of each champions existing support network (coaches, roasters, producers), puts each competitor on a team with 4-5 competitors from other national bodies for support and camaraderie. Each team is equally weighted based on the historical performance of their National Body.

All competitors still give a normal performance on stage, with the ranking of each individual performance contributing to their team’s score. They also work a shift together on the Team Bar, working together to design a coffee experience for fans and earning additional participation points.

As the Team Competition Winner, Team Steam had the highest combined rank at the end of the preliminary round and has won not only a trip to a future WCE All- Stars event, but an additional placement slot in the semi-finals round. This spot has been awarded to Singapore’s Zenn Soon as the highest-scoring competitor on the team who did not already qualify for semi-finals.

The members of 2018’s Team Steam are: Craig Simon (Australia), Deybis Rodriguez (Nicaragua), Zenn Soon (Singapore), Matt Winton (Sweden), Mathieu Theis (Switzerland), and Kostiantyn Strelnykov (Ukraine).


WBC Judge and Evolution Group Commit- tee Member, Cerianne Bury, interviewed the members of 2017’s Team Tamper and Kenya’s Martin Shabaya, winner of Team Tamper’s Wild Card slot in the 2017 semi-finals, in Issue 4 of 25 Magazine to learn how the competition helped them to grow as baristas. Read it here.