Spotlight on Sustainability at World of Coffee

Spotlight on Sustainability at World of Coffee

In the face of substantial risks to the future of coffee, coffee professionals are engaging with issues of sustainability across the chain more than ever. Whether you’re a seasoned sustainability investor or just dipping your toes into the sustainability conversation, this year’s World of Coffee has a number of ways to get involved and further your knowledge:

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Since its inauguration three years ago, Sustainability Forum has become a place for sharing knowledge and ideas, connecting with industry professionals, and exploring opportunities to get involved in transforming our industry for a more sustainable future. This year’s program – a collaboration between staff and a volunteer working group comprised of Sara Morrocchi, Lennart Clerkx, Job Boodt, Sarah Browne, Angel Mario Martinez Garcia, and Cerianne Bury – takes a step back from specific issues, focusing instead on hosting discussion across coffee’s value chain of actors.

Sustainability Forum’s series of panels, presentations, and “bring your questions” sessions runs across all three days of World of Coffee Amsterdam.

Ticketed Workshop: Friday, 22 June, 13:00 – 17:00

Once you’ve had your interest piqued by discussion at Sustainability Forum, this year’s workshop on sustainability essentials for the coffee professional is the next step on your journey to developing a deeper understanding of what constitutes “impactful action” across the chain.

Originally created by Samantha Veide and Colleen Anunu for SCAA (with support of the heritage organization’s Sustainability Council), the course has been redesigned for SCA use by Nora Burkey and Kate Fischer. This second iteration is the next in a series of steps SCA is taking to develop a Sustainability Skills Program to complement the existing Coffee Skills Program.

Tickets will be available until the start of the workshop (13:00 Friday).

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

Of the six lecture fields offered at this year’s World of Coffee, SCA received the highest number of proposals in the field of sustain- ability – meaning there are plenty of opportunities to deep-dive into particular issues of sustainability with lecturers! This year’s selection covers everything from blockchain to biochar and everything in between.


Sustainability isn’t just a focus of this year’s WoC programming – SCA and RAI Amsterdam have a number of initiatives in place this year to help reduce our environmental impact and improve the future of coffee. To learn more, please visit