Exploring the Global Specialty Coffee World – 25 Magazine: Issue 5

Exploring the Global Specialty Coffee World – 25 Magazine: Issue 5

IIt’s been a year since 25 first debuted at World of Coffee in Budapest; I hope you are continuing to enjoy its stories and insights from our global specialty community.

Welcome to Issue 5, where we continue our exploration of the global specialty coffee world and all its beautiful diversity.

Take some time as we bring you on a tour of Johannesburg, South Africa in our regular Destinations column.

Enjoy exploring trends in the marketplace, as Dan and Jan of PQC in New York open up Pandora’s box – is the US market in the middle of a roaster bubble? An interesting topic for the whole community and emerging markets to consider.

On the subject of market trends, Carla Martin gives us a parallel industry’s insights on the impact the size of a company has on industry respect and general growth trends.

On the scientific front, Jesper Alstrup of CoffeeMind in Copenhagen, Denmark shares details of the use of specific roasting curves to develop particular flavor attributes, taken from his recent master’s thesis, supported in part by SCA members like you.

Finally, an exploration of the Mexican-American and Latin-American influences on the LA coffee scene by Cynthia Rebolledo shines a light on the importance of diversity and inclusion on the evolution of coffee everywhere.

As always, if you have a story to tell, we’d love to hear from you. You can submit your ideas to editor@sca.coffee for consideration.

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