Meet the 2018 Specialty Coffee Expo Volunteers

Name: Shawna Kidney

Lives in: Austin, TX

Works as: Store Manager at Starbucks

Volunteering: Check-in, Green Team

Quote: “I used to sell ski gear and went to their show, but this is my first coffee Expo. It’s been awesome finding out  more about all of the different things you can learn in coffee!”


Name: Jessica Ly

Lives in: Birmingham, AL

Works as: Front of House Manager, Urban Standard

Volunteering as: Brewer’s Cup Stage Manager

Quote: “This is my first Expo, and it’s all the excitement I thought it would be. A well run show, with eager attendees makes it a pleasure to be here.”


Name: Michael Mendoza

Lives in: Seattle

Works as: Barista, Caffe Vita

Volunteering as: Greeter, SCA Store Setup, Design Lab attendant

Quote: “So much great stuff to see and taste, so many great people to meet! … I tried a geisha coffee from 90+ made on Alpha Dominche’s new syphon brewer, and it was amazing!”