Discover the Science Behind Delicious Coffee at the Certified Home Brewer Showcase

Discover the Science Behind Delicious Coffee at the Certified Home Brewer Showcase

Developed by coffee science experts and professional coffee tasters, the SCA Certified Home Brewer program reviews machines designed for in-home use to determine if they meet the rigorous requirements of brewed coffee quality as determined by the SCA. These requirements are based on decades of industry knowledge and research by the Coffee Brewing Center. All SCA Certified Brewers have met these requirements, which are based on proper water temperature, brewing time, and ability to brew within the SCA Golden Cup recommendations.  The SCA CHB program is rapidly becoming recognized as “the” seal of excellence by both mainstream media and consumers including being featured on America’s Test Kitchen, Cook’s Illustrated Magazine as well as prominently featured in merchandising at high end distributors such as Sur La Table, William’s Sonoma and more.

SCA’s Minimum Certification Requirements Include:

Coffee Volume: The volume of the brew basket must be sized in proportion to the beverage receiver’s maximum capacity.

Brewing Time: Water contact time with the coffee grounds shall be more than 4 minutes but less than 8 minutes for all brewers operating under standard temperature and pressure, depending on grind.

Brewing Temperature: Water temperature at the point the water contacts the coffee grounds to reach 92°C within the first minute, maintain at least that temperature (92°C) for the remainder of the brew cycle, and never exceed 96°C.

Beverage Preparation:  Beverage strength (solubles concentration) of between 1.15% and 1.45% resulting from an extraction (solubles yield) of between 18.0% and 22.0% from the weight of coffee in the brew basket, as determined by a coffee refractometer and brewing control chart.

Uniformity of Performance:  To assure the brewer model is both consistent and reliable, it will be tested for uniformity of performance. For this test, a minimum of 5 coffee brewers will be evaluated.

Uniformity of Extraction: All of the coffee in the brew basket must be wetted during the first minute of brewing to give opportunity for proper extraction.

Beverage Clarity:  The brewer must produce less than 75 milligrams of sediment per 100 milliliters of brewed coffee to be certified by the SCA.

Holding Receptacle and Temperature:  Beverage receiver to maintain the temperature of the coffee no lower than 80 degrees C and no higher than 85 degrees C during the first thirty (30) minutes of the holding time.

For the first time, many of the currently 13 certified brewers will be on display at an exclusive activation at the Specialty Coffee Expo.  Stop by the Skybridge Lobby on Level 4 to learn more about the program and get close up with these exceptional brewing machines.