Looking Forward To 2018 Guild Events

Looking Forward To 2018 Guild Events

Contributors: MARK HUNDLEY (BGA Events Chair, Bolt Coffee Company), FILIP AKERBLOM (CRG Events Chair, Lilla Kafferosteriet), REBECCA McNELLY (CTG Education Chair, Heartland Tech) & STUART RITSON (BGE Events Chair, Cafe Imports)

2018 Guild Events

  • CoLab: Bucharest – 29-31 May | Bucharest, Romania
  • CRG Retreat – August 23-26 | Stevenson, Washington, USA
  • EU Barista Camp – September 3-6 | Evora, Portugal
  • Access – September 18-20 | Austin, Texas, USA
  • CRG Camp – October 10-13 | Evora, Portugal
  • CTG Summit – Date & Location TBA
  • Sensory Summit – Date & Location TBA


Events are a key vehicle in the stable of the Guilds used to deliver education, community, and professional development tools to SCA members across the globe. With five SCA Guilds producing events throughout the coffee event calendar there’s sure to be one that serves you and your community.

We’ve asked representatives from the Guild Working Groups and Councils to give us the lowdown on their respective meetings and why you should join them!

Coffee Technicians Guild (CTG) launched in 2017 with an event in the US and Europe – the inaugural CTG Summits were a resounding success which has resulted in further plans for meetings this summer.

The upcoming CTG Summit will offer learning opportunities for both spectrums of learners. Including several hands-on workshops, lectures, and the initial roll out of CTG classes that will count towards a Coffee Skills Diploma. We are proud to say this event will be representative of the most advanced curriculum we have brought forth to date. But we also want to note that a huge focus of the CTG Executive Council is to bring new people into the workforce. Thus, we will offer key opportunities for beginners as well.

If you are interested in exploring a technician career but have no experience as a coffee technician there will be workshops for you as well as networking opportunities and the ability to meet and hangout with industry leaders and professionals.

If you are already an experienced coffee technician and are looking to further your career there will be lectures and hands-on workshops specifically designed for advanced learners. You will be able to test into applicable CTG classes towards a Diploma.

Keep an eye on the CTG website for updates on the dates and locations for upcoming events.

Well established, the Barista Guild of Europe (BGE) is looking forward to delivering their seventh CoLab event this May in Bucharest.

Bringing together coffee professionals from across Europe, the BGE’s aim is to foster new communities and build professionalism. With those goals in mind, we have invited four of the most exciting speakers we can find: Tim Wendelboe, Lisanne Oonk, Ivania Calderon, and Marie Pohler. Each speaker will be addressing some of the most important and pressing issues in the industry today; from sensory science to diversity, and even farming practices at origin. We will also be learning from and celebrating the Romanian coffee community with panel discussions, tours, roastery visits and cuppings throughout the city. Whether you can make it for the full three days or just the main day of talks, we know this will be a unique opportunity to learn from industry leaders, meet with other coffee professionals and connect with the Bucharest coffee scene.

In addition to CoLab, BGE will hold its annual Barista Camp on September 3-6 at the Evora Hotel in Portugal.

Another one for the baristas, the Barista Guild of America (BGA) is offering a brand-new event this summer, Access.

Access is a new event that welcomes all levels of experience within the industry. With accessibility in mind, we have been working hard to create something that is packed with product presentations, lectures, hands on workshops, and opportunities to be together in a room and get a bit more experimental than the structured SCA educational courses allow us to. This event is meant to have subject matters that can be universally applied to all the attendees no matter how little experience or knowledge they may have on the subjects being discussed.

The BGA is happy to announce that they will be unveiling the first iteration of Access on September 19-20 at Brazos Hall in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas.

Roasters are one of the largest represented group amongst SCA members so it’s key that the recently unified Coffee Roasters Guild (CRG) – formed of Roaster Guild of Europe & Roasters Guild – deliver events which reflect their combined goals.

Roasters from around the world are invited to join the CRG in Portugal this October 10-13 for CRG Camp.

This is the first year we will do events united as one Guild with one common goal to create a better roasting community around the world. For the European market we will continue to offer workshop and lectures alongside the opportunity for networking and professional development.

In addition to this, at World of Coffee in Amsterdam June 21-23 we will offer an open meeting space for roasters to connect and listen to different trending coffee projects – stay tuned to read some more about this project.

CRG would also like to invite you to attend the Coffee Roasters Guild Retreat in Stevenson, Washington on August 23-26 with the action-packed program of hands-on classes, seminars and social get togethers.

A few more Guild events to look out for in the coming year include Barista Camp Asia, Sensory Summit, and a second CoLab.

For more information on the events introduced keep an eye on the respective websites and social media channels for each Guild.