Join The Unified Coffee Roasters Guild For Their First Meeting & Mixer At Expo

Join The Unified Coffee Roasters Guild For Their First Meeting & Mixer At Expo


The Roasters Guild and the Roaster Guild of Europe are now the Coffee Roasters Guild (CRG). After months of work and meetings behind the scenes, the RG and RGE leadership groups are ready and excited to bring together the members of both guilds into one collaborative community of professional roasters. As one of the biggest gatherings of that community, Expo is the perfect place for CRG to launch and reveal its face with a new brand, and for you to find out more!

On Saturday, April 21st, at 4pm, please be sure to make your way over to Hall 6E, for the official launch of the CRG during their meeting and mixer. The newly-formed volunteer leadership group, called the Advisory Council, will reveal the new Coffee Roasters Guild brand, and will present on the upcoming plans and activities CRG has in store for members. It will be the a great opportunity to meet many of the Advisory Council members, chat with fellow roasters, and find out ways to get involved!

In February 2018, the Advisory Council held their first official meeting, where they discussed expectations, goals, and strategies to fulfil the CRG mission to “inspire a diverse coffee roasting community through the development and promotion of the roasting profession.” The initial focus is to create a robust framework of operations, where the ever more diverse roasting community and its dynamic needs are well-represented. To better serve those needs, the CRG is working toward adding three new committees (Competitions, Sustainability, and Equity, Inclusion & Diversity) to its existing committees (Communications, Membership, Education and Events). In addition to kicking off the planning of upcoming events such as Retreat, Camp, and Sensory Summit, the CRG wants to start by listening: understanding how to build relevant value, mapping out desires, needs and hopes from their constituency, and meeting members where they’re at.

Have your voice heard by attending the Meeting and Mixer, Sat 21 April, 4-6:30pm, Hall 6E.

Can’t attend? Come find us at the CRG Booth in the Championships Arena on Level 6.

Meet the CRG Advisory Council:

  • Emilio Lopez Diaz, Chair
  • Sonja Björk Grant, Vice Chair
  • Jen Apodaca, Second Vice Chair & Events Committee Co-Chair
  • Konrad Oleksak, Immediate Past Chair
  • Joe Marrocco, Communications Committee Chair
  • Tony Auger, Competitions Committee Chair
  • Filip Åkerblom, Events Committee Co-Chair
  • M. Miles, Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (ED&I) Committee Chair
  • David Myers, Membership Committee Chair
  • Filip Bartelak, Research & Education Committee Co-Chair
  • Morten Münchow, Research & Education Committee Co-Chair
  • Joanna Alm, Sustainability Committee Chair