Webinar: Results of the SCA Membership Survey on Sustainability

Update: Thanks to all who joined us for this webinar! The recording of the session can be found above. Click here to download the slides presented.

Photo: Participants at Avance Guatemala

The decision to elevate sustainability to the level of a center – along with research, education, and events – was inspired by feedback from members, through surveys, that leadership in sustainability was one of the most important activities of the association. Everyone agreed that we should have a center, it was launched, and rejoicing ensued.

Register here to join us on Thursday, March 15th, at 8:00am PST / 3:00pm GMT for a special webinar with Samantha Veide on the results of a sustainability survey conducted with members of the SCA in 2017. 

But wait, what is a sustainability center? What does it do?

While both heritage associations had their own history of volunteer leadership in the subject of sustainability, their interpretations were different, and discussions between some of these leaders quickly led us to realize that the establishment of a center would be a great opportunity to delve deeper into sustainability and understand the priorities of our members and the broader industry community. In February 2017, the SCA sent out its first sustainability-focused survey to members and over the two months the survey was open, we received more than 600 responses. Between April and September, Sustainability Center staff and volunteers analyzed the data and feedback collected in that survey and we first shared our findings with participants at Avance, the SCA’s sustainability conference in Guatemala City in October 2017.

The 2017 member sustainability survey is one of the key inputs into the SCA Sustainability Center’s strategy, and anyone interested in the subject – regardless of their role in the coffee industry – should be able to find something relevant to them in the conclusions, questions, and recommendations presented in the analysis. For example, survey respondents answered overwhelmingly that the role of the SCA in sustainability is to educate and inform, but when it came time to identify the target audience for the education and information, their answers were divided almost equally between industry (including different groups within the industry, like roasters) and consumers.

In a series of webinars throughout 2018, Sustainability Center staff and volunteers will review the survey and its findings, and explore the priorities in sustainability that were identified through the survey and other input opportunities in 2017.

Please register to join us on ­­­­Thursday, March 15th, at 8:00am PST / 3:00pm GMT for a special webinar on the results of a sustainability survey conducted with SCA members. Samantha Veide, associate director at Forum for the Future and the lead analyst of the survey data, will present the results, explain how the findings have shaped the SCA’s sustainability efforts, and answer questions on the topic.


Register here to join us. Can’t make it to the webinar? Email us your questions at sustainability@sca.coffee and we’ll include them in the session. A recording of the webinar will be made available here on SCA News.