January 2018 SCA Chapter Update

January 2018 SCA Chapter Update

Thank You to Outgoing National Committee Members

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our current and outgoing committee members for their hard work and commitment through our first year as the Specialty Coffee Association! We appreciate all the support and look forward to a bright future where we continue to grow and learn about specialty coffee as a global community. To see the full list of dedicated members who served on a national chapter committee over the past year, please visit sca.coffee/sca-chapters. Below is a list of members who have concluded their service on an SCA Chapter National Committee this year.


Jury Stalmakhou, Education Coordinator


Lene Hyldahl, National Coordinator
Michael de Renouard, Education Coordinator
Niels Winther Hestbech, Events Coordinator
Mads Ole Bak, Communications Coordinator
Thomas Sigfred Nielsen, Membership Coordinator


Peter Muschio, National Coordinator
Patricia Nabitz, Education Committee
Volkmar Klebba, Communications Committee
Karlheinz Rieser, Regions
Steffen Muller, IT


Anita Bakay, Membership Coordinator
Franciska Apró, Events Coordinator
Sándor Tóth, Communications Coordinator
Peter Szalczer, Treasurer


Dario Ciarlantini, National Coordinator


Martins Denis, National Coordinator
Aivars Rodcenko, Communications Coordinator
Raimonds Zadvornovs, Events & Education Coordinator
Martins Stakis, Education Coordinator
Agnija Tilla, Membership Coordinator


Peter Eijl, National Coordinator
Henk Langkemper, Events Coordinator
Jessica Tolboom, Education Coordinator


Cláudia Pimentel, National Coordinator
Gonçalo Duarte, Membership Coordinator
Paulo Grifo, Education Coordinator
Ana César, Events Coordinator
Rodolfo Gouveia, Communication Coordinator


Paul C. Ungureanu, Membership Coordinator
Marin Vali-Georgian, Communication Coordinator


Alexander Tsibaev, National Coordinator


Simon Stas, Education Coordinator
Marek Lorincz, Events Coordinator

South Korea

Jong Ho Woo, National Coordinator
Junhee Lee, Membership Coordinator
Kyuho Choi, Education Coordinator
Young-Min Lee, Events Coordinator
Sungsoo Cha, Communications Coordinator


Benjamin Hohlmann, Education Coordinator

United Kingdom

Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood, National Coordinator
Ben Townsend, Education Coordinator
Tim Sturk, Education Coordinator


Welcome to Incoming Committee Members

Results are in for the SCA Chapter National Committee elections that took place in the fourth quarter of 2017! Please join us in welcoming the new committee members for the 2018-2020 cycle for Cyprus, Hungary, Romania, Russia, and Slovakia.


Elena Charalambous,  National Coordinator
George Christofi,  Membership Coordinator
Marios Kyprianou,  Event Coordinator
Christos Lialios,  Education Coordinator
Panagiotis Koumouros,  Communications Coordinator


Mate Nezval,  National Coordinator
Gergely Boross,  Membership Coordinator
Zoltán Márki,  Event Coordinator
Kántor Enikő,  Education Coordinator
Frigyes Árpád Kun,  Communications Coordinator
Judit Käesz,  Communications Coordinator


Cezara Cartes,  National Coordinator
Silvia Constantin,  Membership Coordinator
Sebastian Ioan Farcas,  Event Coordinator
Ecaterina Szasz,  Education Coordinator
Alexandru Niculae,  Communications Coordinator


Ilya Savinov,  National Coordinator
Anastasiya Chekhovich,  Membership Coordinator
Julia Chanturiya,  Event Coordinator
Daria Zakharova,  Education Coordinator
Alexandra Tishchenko,  Communications Coordinator


Tomas Callo,  National Coordinator
Veronika Keckesova,  Membership Coordinator
Michal Molcan,  Event Coordinator
Lubos Koncok,  Education Coordinator
Veronika Galova,  Communications Coordinator

To view all SCA Chapters and learn more about forming a Chapter in your country, please visit www.sca.coffee/sca-chapters