Rubens Gardelli of Italy Crowned 2017 World Coffee Roasting Champion

Rubens Gardelli of Italy Crowned 2017 World Coffee Roasting Champion

By Alex Bernson

The final competition of the 2017 World Coffee Championships cycle has just completed, with Rubens Gardelli being crowned the 2017 World Coffee Roasting Champion, after three intense days of competition at the Hotelex show in Guanzhou, China.

Gardelli is no stranger to coffee competition, with many wins at the Italian Roasting Championship, and a 2nd Place finish at World Brewers Cup in 2014. He is the proprietor of Gardelli Specialty Coffees in Forlì, Italy, and a licensed Q grader. In Guangzhou, Gardelli competed against 21 other roasting champions from around the world in a series of stages, including green bean evaluation, sample roasting, production roasting, and blending. Jack Allisey, representing Australia took second place, and Benjamin Pozsgai representing Germany took third.

This was the second time that World Coffee Roasting Championship has been to a Hotelex show in China, following the 2016 World Coffee Roasting Championship in Shanghai. The Guangzhou World Coffee Roasting Championship proved very popular with attendees, who also enjoyed the WCE All-Stars stage, which featured 2017 World Brewers Cup Champion Chad Wang  and 2017 WBrC finalist Petra Strelecka, along with 2015 World Barista Championship finalist Dawn Chan, and 2017 World Cup Tasters Championship finalist Fred Yuan.

An incredible group of judges, volunteers, and sponsors made this event a success, and we’re excited for Rubens’ win, and for the 2018 competition cycle to begin soon!