The 2017 Western European Coffee Market Size Report

The 2017 Western European Coffee Market Size Report

TThe global coffee market is exciting and dynamic, encompassing businesses and tradespeople all over the world. The different people, cultures, countries, languages, and rituals that surround coffee are fascinating. The challenge is in quantifying such a complex marketplace.


We know the global coffee market is big, but how big? There are many methods and techniques that can help us quantify the market, including collecting numbers on production, imports/exports, consumption, market sizes of coffee shops, and retail values.

The first step in establishing good global data is to take a step back and find data at the national level. In these newly-released infographics (see below), we focus on national café and coffee shop market sizes in Western Europe.

The quest for European coffee data was sparked by common questions we heard from people in the specialty coffee community. How many cafes and coffee shops are there in Western Europe? What are the retail sales of cafes and coffee shops? How do these numbers compare by country?

European coffee data was primarily gathered from Euromonitor, and reviewed by subject matter experts in Europe. We focused on two segments: cafés and coffee focused shops. Euromonitor defined these segments as follows:

“Cafés are outlets that have a wide selection of both food and drinks, often including alcoholic beverages such as wine or aperitifs. The focus is primarily on non-alcoholic beverages; however, a wide variety of food is offered and in some establishments, this could account for a large portion of value. Cafés offer table service and consumers tend to eat-in. In fact, it is not often possible to order a coffee or tea to go in these types of establishments.”      

“Coffee focused shops correspond to “coffee-themed” outlets, which focus primarily on serving coffee: coffee is the main item on the menu, with a large variety of different coffee types and coffee-related products. Such drinks are sold on their own or with pastries, biscuits, cakes and sandwiches for consumption either on or off the premises. However, these outlets are currently developing a wider range of food items, such as salads and other light snacks.” They usually offer take-away and present a modern environment and designer décor.

Key Findings: 2017 Western Europe Cafes and Coffee Focused Shops

  • Number of cafes: 301,593, with €8 billion retail sales
  • Number of coffee focused shops: 13,344, with €2 billion retail sales
  • Since 2010, the number of cafes and retail sales has declined, while coffee focused shops experience significant growth.
  • The UK has the most coffee focused shops and highest café retail sales.
  • Italy has the most cafés, but Spain has the highest café retail sales.

Retail Sales of Cafes

  • Total retail sales for cafes in 2017 is estimated to close the year at €45.8 billion.
  • Since 2010, the retail sales at cafes has declined by 17%.
  • The overall value is driven by Spain, Italy and Greece with the highest share of retail sales among cafes in Western Europe (22%, 16%, and 12%, respectively).
  • The countries that have seen the most growth since 2010 in café retail sales are Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Retail Sales of Coffee Focused Shops

  • Total retail sales of coffee focused shops in 2017 is estimated to be €6.2 billion.
  • Unlike cafes, since 2010, the retail sales increased by 50%. This is driven by the UK and Germany with the highest share of retail sales among Western Europe (46% and 12%, respectively).
  • The countries that have seen the most growth since 2010 is France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Number of Cafes

  • Number of cafes: 301,593 throughout Western Europe, 98% of which are independent.*
  • Since 2010, the total number of cafes has declined 8%.
  • Almost all countries’ number of cafes has declined since 2010 except for Sweden, Denmark, and Ireland.
  • Belgium declined the most, down 42%.
  • Italy has the most cafes but has declined 12% since 2010: 58,153

Number of Coffee Focused Shops

  • Number of coffee focused shops: 13,344 throughout Western Europe, 21% of which are independent.*
  • Since 2010, the total number of coffee focused shops grew by 50%, aligning with the retail sales growth. This is driven by increases almost all Western European countries.
  • Turkey has seen the most growth in the last 7 years, tripling to 1,366 coffee focused shops.
  • Spain, France, and Netherlands also saw significant growth in coffee focused shops since 2010.

*Independent: café or coffee focused shop with less than 10 locations.
**Chain: café of coffee focused shop with 10 or more locations.  

This data set and graphics give us a glimpse into one of the most interesting and diverse coffee scenes in the globe. It’s a big part of the puzzle of the global coffee market, and we’re committed to continuing our research, developing our understanding of this fascinating coffee marketplace.

Heather Ward is the Market Research Manager for the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).