Connecting Our Community – 25 Magazine: Issue 2

Connecting Our Community – 25 Magazine: Issue 2

WWe are proud to introduce our second issue of 25, your magazine connecting people from our specialty coffee community around the world through stories, research, and insights.

The importance of coffee smallholders and the diversity they bring to the specialty coffee supply chain can’t be underestimated. Their future is both threatened and uncertain despite unparalleled global coffee demand.

The part smallholders play in the supply of washed Arabicas is brought sharply into focus in this issue of 25 as Thomas Copple looks at the important topic of washed Arabicas and their status in the league table of global production. Is this a portent of difficult times for specialty coffee or a rally call for our community to shift what seems like an immovable trend?

Also in this issue: Darrin Daniel and Geoff Watts visit Peru for the country’s first Cup of Excellence competition; Antony Watson reports on exciting developments in modern coffee science; Bronwen Percival offers some insight into the specialty cheese industry; and Dr. Krisztina Szalai interviews Saxon Wright, Co-Founder of HuskeeCup, the world’s first coffee cup made from coffee husks. Finally, don’t miss Chee Lu’s interview with Berg Wu who offers his top tips for visitors to Taichung in Western Taiwan.

It’s an exciting time for the SCA with the launch of our Coffee Skills Program and Avance, our new sustainability conference, which took its inaugural bow in Guatemala this October. You can learn more about these exciting initiatives in future issues of 25, or stay tuned to for up-to-date information.

Paul Stack
President, Specialty Coffee Association

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