Martha Stoumen | From Grape to Glass: Exploring Natural Wine

Martha Stoumen provides insights into the past and present of the natural wine industry. This talk was presented live in July 2017 at Bloom San Francisco, a unique event hosted by the Barista Guild of America.

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Presenter: Martha Stoumen, Martha Stoumen Wines

Martha Stoumen was born and raised in Northern California. Following her studies in traditional agriculture and Italian language, at twenty‑two Martha went to intern in the vineyard, olive orchard, and winery at a small Tuscan farm. This started what would become an 8‑year series of apprenticeships, mostly abroad, sandwiched around a Master’s degree in winemaking at UC Davis. Martha specifically sought out apprenticeships at places like COS in Sicily and Léon Barral in France to learn the techniques of natural winemaking and organic viticulture, and to bring them back to California.

Martha is now 33 and making wines in California under her own label, Martha Stoumen Wines, that celebrate that wines, at their core, come from the earth.