What’s New With SCA Chapters? Welcoming New Committee Members

What’s New With SCA Chapters? Welcoming New Committee Members

As a global association, we are excited to welcome new chapters and committee members from around the world! We currently have 31 active Chapters, with another 19 organizing at this very moment.

Join us in welcoming our three newest SCA Chapters: Azerbaijan, Cyprus, and Kazakhstan! Newly elected National Committee Members have also been announced for the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

National Committees 2017-2019

Results are in for the United Kingdom and Netherlands Committee Chapter elections! Please welcome the following new committee members.

United Kingdom

Mat North, National Coordinator
Edita Chodarcevic, Education Coordinator
Estelle Bright, Event Coordinator
Jonathan Wadham, Communications Coordinator


Rose Van Asten, National Coordinator
Willem Huisman, Membership Coordinator
Ron de Wit, Event Coordinator
Frans Taapken, Education Coordinator
Sanne Westphal, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Welcome New Chapters

We would like to welcome our three new chapters – Azerbaijan, Cyprus, and Kazakhstan!


Target Minasazov, National Coordinator
Timur Lyapin, Education Coordinator
Vadim Misirov, Event Coordinator
Elnur Aliyev, Marketing & Communications Coordinator


Elena Charalambous, National Coordinator
Christos Lialios, Education Coordinator
Marios Kyprianou, Events Coordinator
George Christofi, Membership Coordinator
Panagiotis Koumouros, Marketing & Communications Coordinator


Kaltayeva Naylya, National Coordinator
Timur Buzurbayev, Education Coordinator
Anatoliy Lavrigentev, Events Coordinator
Kim Konstantin, Membership Coordinator
David Kim, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

To view all SCA Chapters and learn more about forming a Chapter in your country, please visit www.sca.coffee/sca-chapters