New Coffee Skills Program Foundation Level Materials and AST Logos Now Available

New Coffee Skills Program Foundation Level Materials and AST Logos Now Available

AA Unified Brand for SCAA Pathways and SCAE Coffee Diploma System Certificate Programs

The SCA’s Education department is pleased to announce that the Foundation level exams and curricula for the new Coffee Skills Program (CSP) are now available.

These materials are currently only available in English but translations will be available in the coming weeks. ASTs should note that the function to add new CSP courses is not yet functional on the AST Portal. The Education team is working on adding that functionality and will send an update to all ASTs when it is available. Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs) may access these new materials via the AST portal.

Our team is working hard to finalize the materials for the new CSP Intermediate and Professional levels and we hope to deliver these soon to ASTs through the AST Portal. You will receive more information about this in the next monthly update.

In alignment with the new CSP brand revealed in July, the new Foundation materials make use of newly-designed logos for each module: Introduction to Coffee, Green Coffee, Brewing, Barista, Sensory, and Roasting.

New Authorized SCA Trainer Logos and CSP Diploma Certificates

In addition to new CSP Foundation materials and module logos, we are also proud to reveal the new AST logo. The AST logo is used to identify an individual as an AST in good standing with the SCA. ASTs are encouraged to use the mark on their business cards, letterhead, on windows or walls of their business, and on promotional media in print and online. ASTs will receive their new AST logos and usage guidelines via email.

The newly-designed CSP Diploma certificate is also ready! Students awaiting new CSP Diploma certificates will receive those via email from the SCA’s Education department within the next few weeks.

Reminder for Students in Heritage SCAA Pathways and SCAE Coffee Diploma System

Students who are currently pursuing an SCAA Pathways certificate (and have taken classes or exams towards the certificate) should complete all certificate requirements by December 31, 2017. Individual heritage SCAA classes will not be offered after December 31, 2017. Students of the SCAE Coffee Diploma System are encouraged to move over to the new SCA Coffee Skills Program as soon as possible.

All certificates earned prior to the end of 2017 will be honored in the new system, so students can rest assured that their hard-earned work will be recognized. View the Next Steps chart for clarity on equivalency.

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