A First Look at the New SCA Education Program Brand

A First Look at the New SCA Education Program Brand

AA Unified Brand for SCAA Pathways and SCAE Coffee Diploma System Certificate Programs

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is proud to reveal a first look at the new brand identity for the Coffee Skills Program, SCA’s unified coffee education program.

The Coffee Skills Program (CSP) is the result of more than a year’s worth of collaborative work between professionals from both the American and European specialty coffee communities — involving passionate volunteers from the SCA’s Pathway committees and the European Creator groups.

SCA Trainers: Program materials coming soon

Over the next few weeks, the new CSP curriculum and exams will be made available to our instructors, known as Authorized SCA Trainers (ASTs). Instructors are strongly encouraged to teach the new courses as soon as possible. However, instructors are not required to teach the new material until January 1, 2018. This will allow our instructors the time they need to prepare new teaching materials based on the new SCA courses.

Students: What the Coffee Skills Program means for you

The new SCA Coffee Skills Program will consist of education in the following modules within the coffee industry: Green Coffee, Brewing, Barista, Sensory, and Roasting.

The SCA’s unified education program, the Coffee Skills Program, will consist of five main modules: Green Coffee, Brewing, Barista, Sensory, and Roasting.

Education within each CSP module progresses from the Foundation Level to the Intermediate Level, and then to the Professional Level. Students who are qualified at the Intermediate and Professional level may wish to pursue a teaching profession and apply to attend the AST Train the Trainer Course.

Each certificate earned has a certain point value assigned. Foundation certificates receive 5, Intermediate 10, and Professional 25. Introduction to Coffee is worth 10 points. When 100 points are reached, the Coffee Skills Diploma is earned.

Students of SCAA Pathways will need to complete all certificate requirements by 31 December 2017 to ensure that all earned certificates can be transferred to the new system. Students of the SCAE Coffee Diploma System will be encouraged to move over to the new SCA program as soon as possible.

All Certificates taken prior to the end of 2017 will be honored in the new system, so students can rest assured that their hard-earned work will be recognized. View the Next Steps chart for clarity on equivalency. 

In the coming months, SCA will launch a unified website for the Coffee Skills Program where students and ASTs may manage their education profiles. In the meantime, students and instructors may continue accessing the heritage SCAA and SCAE sites from our website at www.sca.coffee/education.

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