What Does Community Mean to You?

With millions of people around the world earning their living through coffee, the community that supports the industry is more important than ever. At SCA, the coffee community is at the heart of what we do every day. With chapters around the world, we have a team of people who are charged with making sure that the members of this community are represented within the association. We asked them to share what ‘community’ means to them—here’s what they said:

“We are so blessed that, with all the turmoil that’s going on in the world at the moment, in coffee we’re a united community. And although we’re global, our community often feels like a small village. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what color you are, what religion you follow, what job you do, we’re all working together, united by our passion for coffee. That’s what the community means to me—collaborating for the betterment of all involved with coffee which we love so much.”
– Jackie Malone, SCA Senior Community Manager, Europe

“We belong to a diverse and dynamic community in which everyone is welcome and has a place at the table. Specialty coffee’s message of inclusivity – in which there is no prerequisite for expertise to belong – continues to inspire new coffee enthusiasts and long-time professionals. It allows space for new ideas and resources. It’s what fuels us. Well, that and coffee. Every day we see beautiful examples of people sharing stories, helping each other, and raising questions that help us all move forward. There’s no limit to a life in coffee with an open community like ours.”
– Katie Cramer, SCA Senior Community Manager, U.S.

“As the Chinese proverb goes, no journey of 1,000 miles can be made without small steps. The growth of coffee community means that the bond connecting consumers with specialty coffee is improving all the time. These days, the Asian market is filled with both competition and opportunities. It is like a new-born child –discovering, dynamic, open and inclusive. I believe that Asia will become a key part of coffee development in the long term.”
– Charlotte Wang, SCA Senior Community Manager, Asia