Spring Changes at Grounds For Health

By Justin Mool

Spring is in the air and it’s been a time of rebirth at Grounds for Health.

We’ve been working hard on a new organizational strategy that could change the way the world thinks about cervical cancer prevention. We are close to launching an exciting new campaign that will leverage existing technologies and develop new protocols to focus solely on women already exposed to the human papillomavirus, the precursor to cervical cancer.

For over 20 years, Grounds for Health and the specialty coffee community have worked together to improve the health of women in coffee-growing communities. We have screened more than 72,000 women, treated over 5,200 and trained 460+ community-based clinicians in Latin America and East Africa. Grounds for Health helped pioneer the Single Visit Approach, which has become the gold standard in hard-to-reach places. But at Grounds for Health, we pride ourselves on being innovative and staying nimble.

More can be done.

We are experts at reaching women in the developing world who have limited to no access to health care services. We are known in the global health community as an organization that possesses a unique combination of clinical credibility and local agility.

Grounds for Health is poised to use this expertise to develop new diagnostic and treatment protocols to screen and treat more women, more quickly, and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Cervical cancer: This is your warning call. We will end you.

Get in on the ground level and support Grounds for Health.

If you’re a coffee importer or roaster/retailer, participate in the next Grounds for Health Auction on June 1st. As our biggest fundraiser, it’s a great way to improve the lives of women in the developing world.

Contact us at (802) 876-7835 or visit http://www.groundsforhealth.org/strategy for more information.