Interactive Exhibits At Global Specialty Coffee Expo

Tech Pavilion

In an age when technology can mean so many different things to different people, SCA’s goal is to introduce members to the hardware, software, and services that empower coffee bar owners and staff to deliver a new and fresh experience to their customers. It’s not just about automation or flashy electronics—technology can and should be used to shorten the distance between a customer and her coffee; to speed the connection between the barista and the brew bar; and to grow the relationship between the team and the shop manager.

 In 2016, SCA presented the first Technology Pavilion, which concentrated a number of forward-thinking vendors in a single location that allowed members to see different technologies concentrated in a single location. At this year’s Expo, you’ll see real time applications of this pledge, as we’ve partnered with what we feel are some of the best-of-breed technology companies to showcase their services in a real cafe environment.

We hope you’ll make time to experience this year’s Technology Pavilion, and everything it has to offer.

Uppers & Downers

Uppers & Downers is a concept created by Good Beer Hunting and Stephen Morrissey and aims to explore the creative and technical cross-over between specialty coffee and craft beer. As an education event series, including an annual festival, we’ve been able to inspire more collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing in the realm of coffee beers.

As the series has grown, it’s become even more inclusive to roasters, brewers, cider makers, baristas, bartenders, chefs, distillers and more. In our second year joining the Global Coffee Expo, we’re excited to bring you some of the most interesting expressions of this cross-over to-date. Join us for a conversation over some delicious beverages and learn about where we’re going next.

Design Lab

After launching in Atlanta 2016, Design Lab is returning to the Global Specialty Coffee Expo this year in Seattle. Great coffee is synonymous with great design, and increasingly serves a critical function in distinguishing specialty coffee. Design Lab seeks to celebrate this effort through three key platforms—coffee spaces, coffee vessels and an expanded packaging showcase. Be sure to stop by the three locations throughout the show: Packaging in the South Hall on aisle 1100, Spaces in the Skybridge Lobby, and Vessels at theTCC on Level 3.