Cuisinart Launches an Automatic Pour-Over Brewer

The Cuisinart PurePrecision™ Coffee Brewer has recently earned the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Home Brewer Certification. This machine provides an authentic pour-over brewing process by executing three vital variables. These variables are precisely controlled to create coffeehouse-like perfection.

First, broad water dispersion evenly saturates all the grinds, then allows them to “bloom,” extracting their optimal flavor. Next, the brew time is faster and water contact with the beans shorter, eliciting a smoother coffee. Finally, thermoblock heater brews at an ideal temperature that remains perfectly consistent from start to finish.

Features include flavor strength control, temperature control, 8-cup capacity glass or thermal carafe, 24-hour programmability. Temperature and strength control let users customize their coffee to deliver quality flavor. It utilizes a fully electronic operation that pre-wets grounds before brewing to let flavor “bloom” so that users can enjoy the superior coffee taste produced by manual brewers, but without the work. Lastly, a unique laser-etched stainless steel filter helps to maximize the coffee experience.

The SCA Home Brewer Certification goes only to those coffee makers that have demonstrated the ability to meet rigorous technical and quality requirements set by the SCA. “As a leader in the coffeemaker industry, Cuisinart is dedicated to keeping up with the demands and trends of the home coffeemaker market. To receive SCA Home Brewer Certification for our new PurePrecision™ Pour-Over Coffee Brewers is very important to us,” said Barbara Schnabel, Senior Director of Marketing at Cuisinart. “This prestigious certification confirms our commitment to excellence bringing barista quality coffee into households across the world.”

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