Behmor Connected Brewer Integrates Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service

New Participant in Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service

The Behmor Connected Brewer, which has recently earned the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Home Brewer Certification, is integrated with Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service and offers the Amazon Dash Replenishment Service (DRS).

Manufactured by Behmor—a leader in connected coffee brewing and home coffee roasting technology—the Behmor Connected Brewer is the world’s first connected brewer to receive the SCA Home Brewer Certification. This certification goes only to those coffee makers that have demonstrated the ability to meet rigorous technical and quality requirements set by the SCA.

With the Behmor Connected Brewer, at-home baristas will be able to tell Alexa to brew their favorite coffee or check on the status of their brew cycle: “Alexa is my coffee ready?” or “Alexa, start brewing my favorite coffee.” With the integration of Amazon’s DRS, Behmor Brewer owners now have the ability to conveniently order their specific roast automatically, before running out.

“We are excited to partner with Amazon and bring our connected brewer to the next level for our consumers,” stated Joe Behm, owner of Behmor. “The Alexa voice support platform combined with the DRS program provides an unprecedented level of convenience for our passionate, coffee-loving community,” Behm continued.

The company has also released an application update for the Behmor Brewer, which includes:

  • International calibration capabilities
  • Quick Start brew profiles
  • 24 hr. clock support (compatible with military time)

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