Company Culture: Doing Good | A Letter From the Editor

IMG_3232The coffee industry has a long way to go on the road towards having a sustainable and equitable supply chain. However, it is clear that there are many smart and compassionate people working in coffee who strive to make a difference through their everyday actions. We see this through the work being done by roasting companies and importers, at the farm-level and through cooperatives, by NGOs and non-profits, and certainly in the work of the dedicated committees and councils of organizations such as SCAA and SCAE that seek to find solutions to the issues we face as an industry.

Companies can’t care for humans or the environment, but the people who make up the companies can. I believe the coffee industry understands this. We recognize that only through the actions of individuals will anything change, for better or worse.

If individuals fail to act, or make business decisions without consideration for the health of the entire supply chain, the ramifications can and will be felt throughout the industry. Conversely, if individuals speak up when they see opportunities to improve these relationships, or if they make decisions within their companies that can positively impact the supply chain—and this starts to happen on a large scale—the future of coffee becomes much brighter.

Ultimately, the good actions of individuals—and collectively as companies—will move the needle on coffee’s most critical concerns. In this issue, we’ll celebrate the power of “doing good,” and the importance of individuals acting as a collective force, working together to ensure the health and well-being of all the people around the world—those who make their living working in coffee and otherwise—as well as the sustainability of our environment. You’ll hear from industry leaders in the fields of sustainability, ecology, research, and the business of coffee who are working to make coffee better.

In pursuit of great coffee, we must not take for granted the people who make it happen.


Lily Sig




Lily Kubota
Executive Editor