Daterra Auctions Off ‘Masterpieces’ Honoring Brazilian Coffee Farmers

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Every year at Daterra, we search our crop’s production for the very best coffees – we call them MASTERPIECES by Daterra. They are very limited in quantity, but we are sharing them with the world at our fourth online auction on November 22, 2016.

The eight featured coffees represent Daterra’s versatility: we have beans that go from highest-quality Cerrado coffee to new experimental processing methods harvested for the first time. Bidders can cup all of them by registering and ordering a sample pack here.

To further showcase Daterra’s culture, we have decided to celebrate those who have inspired and supported us to achieve the dream of being a sustainable and differentiated coffee farm in Brazil: our people. All auctioned coffees are named after popular names in Brazil and in our farms, to honor all the Marias, Anas, Franciscas, Joaos, Antonios and Joses who transform hard soil into fertile gardens.