For the Love of Coffee: International Coffee Day to be Held on October 1


On October 1st, the coffee world will celebrate International Coffee Day. This is a day for honoring the people who work in coffee, appreciating the passion that coffee creates, as well as taking the opportunity to inform consumers about coffee as a global product.

We encourage you to get involved on International Coffee Day! Here are a few ways you can engage your guests and staff to celebrate coffee on this day:

  1. Share your appreciation for the work involved in making great coffee happen: Use the hashtag #internationalcoffeeday and follow along on October 1st!
  1. Donate to your favorite NGO supporting coffee farmer communities, and share your commitment with your customers.
  1. Plan an event to engage customers and community members about the coffee supply chain:
  • Lead a special coffee tasting
  • Team up with a local restaurant to offer a special International Coffee Day brunch with unique coffees
  • Lead a discussion group with your baristas about any of these Symposium lectures to deepen their knowledge of the coffee value chain and the work of producers
  • Bring a producer whose coffee you buy to visit your shop and give a talk about his/her work
  1. Run a promotion in your shop or business:
  • Buy one, get one free
  • Offer free samples or free shots
  • Feature a unique coffee
  • Commit to donating a percentage of your earning to a coffee-focused charity
  1. Engage local media in coverage of the day:
  • Tell the local media about any special events you have planned. Be sure to emphasize how folks can get involved!

For more information or to submit your events to be featured on the official International Coffee Day website, please visit