Get Something Brewing: Making Great Coffee at Home

Sponsored story provided by KitchenAid®. 

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Specialty coffee is about more than the absence of defects or off-flavors. It is about the pursuit of unique flavor attributes. It is about opening up a new world of experiences for the coffee drinker. It is about coffee producers and roasters sharing great coffee with their customers. It’s also about more than just the coffee experience delivered in a cafe setting. Bringing specialty coffee into people’s homes, and giving coffee drinkers the tools to make great coffee on their own, should be a goal of every specialty coffee professional.

As one begins to appreciate the experience of an excellent cup of coffee, they may wonder if they’ll need to go out and buy a bunch of expensive, fancy coffee brewing equipment. They may ponder how to bring the specialty coffee experience into their homes, but not be quite sure where to begin. In this video, Colby Barr, co-founder and green buyer for Verve Coffee Roasters, sat down with Tyler Wells of Blacktop Coffee to discuss the value of having tools that make this process approachable and accessible to the average coffee lover. To fuel their conversation, they each had a cup of Verve Panama Elida Green Tip Gesha.

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“There is a stigma around making coffee at home, that it is really difficult or that it only can happen in a cafe environment,” says Barr. “We have equipment that needs to do that in a place that can serve a thousand cups a day. But maybe in your house, you’re making one to five cups a day. The variables are still the same in terms of what makes coffee great, and now you have technology that is also going to help you make it better at home.”

A new product on the market promises to do just that. The KitchenAid® Precision Press Coffee Maker is an easy, effective way to bring specialty coffee into the home or workplace. “This tool in particular, the Precision Press, takes the variables that seem complex and it simplifies them,” says Barr. “If you have great ground coffee and good water, you’re there.”

The Precision Press Coffee Maker is a classic French press enhanced with a built-in scale and timer to precisely craft a bold, full-bodied brew. “And it is double-walled, so it stays hot, which is a really nice feature,” adds Wells.

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